Worldwide, beaches and shore lines are under attack from the marine environment, collaps and erosion  of beaches and littorals ensures.

At LITTORAL  we have designed a system that;

1) Protect your beaches by using subsea breakwaters

2) The breakwaters transform within a few years in a thriving marine life colony, creating, coral reefs, kelp gardens, subsea natural barriers and as such creating erosion protected area's  and new healthy reefs where there where non or where they were destroyed. 

Our Clients are governments, civil engineering companies, resorts, marine parks and offshore windmill operators.

LITTOTAL Pte Ltd is a subsidiary  of DEEPBLUE Pte Ltd, which since 2008 has provided engineering, design, manufacturing, project management and offshore installations for Offshore Energy companies and Offshore Renewable Energy companies. As such we have 12 years of know how and experience behind us as a highly specialised team of experts.